Pedagogies of Black Visual and Expressive Culture: Film, Contemporary Art, Music, Literature, Comics, Performance (Spring 2021)

Prof. Cathy N. Davidson (The Futures Initiative, English, and Digital Humanities, The Graduate Center)

Prof. Michael Gillespie (Media and Communications, City College; Art History, Film, and English, The Graduate Center)

The class is an introduction to the study of black visual and expressive culture. Structured around topics and themes, the class focuses on film, fine art, television, music, literature, graphic art, installation art, and photography, among other art forms, to illustrate methodologies and critical traditions devoted to black history, culture, and the arts. The content of the course will develop during the term (including in group projects led by students in the course) but will always address the relationship between art practice and the idea of race.  Some class sessions will take place in museums or art galleries and other off-site locations. The active learning methods we will be using in this course will be invaluable for those embarking on teaching careers and will prove equally invaluable in any workplace where the techniques of participation, engagement, creative management, collaboration, and conflict resolution might prove useful (including but not limited to situations where one must address and counter overt or implicit racism).  

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