A Layered Recipe for Improving Student Retention in E-Learning Courses: from the Online Learning Consortium’s (formerly Sloan-C) Annual Conference

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|October 15, 2015|Uncategorized|0 comments

E-Learning courses at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) leverage the strengths of multiple learning modalities and employ a variety of constructivist teaching techniques, combined with layered student retention interventions in order to maximize student persistence and learning outcomes.  A primary goal of BMCC’s E-Learning program is to expand access to educational opportunities for students while increasing student retention and academic success as indicated by improved course completion and pass

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Embodiment in Online Learning

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|June 15, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

This semester I spent a lot of time thinking about the notion of embodiment and how that fits within the context of learning online. After I left our class on contemplative pedagogy I wondered, what is missing in the online environment and how can contemplative practices work within this pedagogical framework? After reading a few articles about contemplative practices in online education, it seems they can be effectively implemented. They

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Syllabus: E-Learning Pedagogy and Course Design for Faculty

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|June 2, 2015|Syllabus|0 comments

The Mapping Futures course experience has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn new strategies, and reimagine old ones, for student centered pedagogy, communication, and ways of using formative assessment to improve online and hybrid teaching and student learning outcomes. The attached syllabus and course guides provide a structure for faculty professional development related to the concepts we learned this semester. Syllabus: E-LEARNING COURSE DESIGN COHORT SYLLABUS–UPDATED JUNE 17TH,

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Mapping BMCC E-Learning: It goes where you go

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|May 22, 2015|Mapping|0 comments

For my mapping project this semester I thought it would be very useful to find out where Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), City University of New York (CUNY), e-learning students actually live.  Are they in the five boroughs of New York City or do they actually live throughout the state and the country?  Only very rarely do we have a student enroll who is truly a “distant” student, meaning

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Universal Design Resources and Issues

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|May 11, 2015|Syllabus|0 comments

Following our brief discussion about universal design and syllabus construction last week, I thought I would share information with you from our online faculty course design workshop. While Americans with Disabilities, section 504, rules have been in place for a while, there is renewed emphasis among academics about its importance, following accessibility lawsuits at Harvard and MIT.  Section 504 requires institutions to provide reasonable accommodations for those who self-identify with

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