Final Thursday Dialogue of the 2016 Fall Semester

By Michelle Renee Morales|November 30, 2017|FI Events|0 comments

Please join the Futures Initiative at our final Thursday Dialogue of the fall semester. Title: Landing a Industry Job by Leveraging your Academic Experience Date and time: 12/7/2017 Time: 12 p.m. Event location: 9207 Event contact: Michelle Morales – Description of dialogue: This semester’s final round table discussion of the Thursday Dialogue series will be an informal conversation about the transition from academia to industry. The discussion will be

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Why WordPress? Take Control and Build Your Own Course Site

By Michelle Renee Morales|May 15, 2017|Tech Tip|0 comments

At every education level, teachers spend hours prepping and planning. For educators, the highest priority items when mapping out a semester often include creating learning goals, lessons, and assignments. It is completely understandable that the last thing any professor would like to do before the semester begins is learn a new tool. However, gone are the days where teachers use red pens and grading books to submit their student’s grades on paper. Now,

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How to Export Your FI Site

By Michelle Renee Morales|May 1, 2017|Tech Tip|1 comments

This tutorial walks users through how to export your FI WordPress site. First we will break down the differences between having an FI child site and hosting your own site with The biggest reason why you should consider exporting your site, is if you wish to have more control over your site.   Futures Initiative WordPress Site Site Only FI web developers can download themes You can download

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How to Create a Discussion Forum using WordPress & BuddyPress

By Michelle Renee Morales|April 25, 2017|Tech Tip|1 comments

This tutorial will walk you through how to add a discussion forum to your WordPress page. Discussion forums are a great way to facilitate conversations on your site. If you’re using your FI site for a course you are teaching, forums are the perfect way to hold a discussion with your class online. Not to worry, forums can be both private and public! In order to build a forum on

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How to Work with Images in WordPress

By Michelle Renee Morales|April 17, 2017|Tech Tip|1 comments

This tutorial gives tips on how to work with images. To begin, log into your site’s dashboard, create a new post, and add an image to it. If you are having difficulty with this step see our post on How to Add Media. You should now see a post with an image displayed, like so: If you click on the image, you can set the image’s alignment and text wrapping

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How to List Posts by Category in a Post/Page

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 27, 2017|Tech Tip|0 comments

This tutorial will walk you through how to list posts by category in a post/page using the List Category Posts plugin. Please note: this tutorial requires the List Category Posts plugin and Administrator privileges. If you have built a site on the FI network, this plugin will come already installed and will only need to be activated on your site. For tech support from the Futures Initiative web developers, please contact:

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How to Choose a Theme

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 20, 2017|Tech Tip|1 comments

Every WordPress site comes with a pre-installed Theme. The Theme dictates the way your website looks. Themes are extremely important because they provide control over the look and presentation of the material on your website. It’s important to keep in mind that when you change the Theme of your site you change the aesthetic without changing the core functionality, i.e.  all of your pictures, images, links and other content still

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How to Edit Menus

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 13, 2017|Tech Tip|0 comments

This tutorial will walk through how to edit your site’s Menu. For tech support from the Futures Initiative web developers, please contact: 5 Easy Steps Basic Information The site Menu outlines the structure for your site. It is extremely important because it determines how users will navigate the content of your site. The Menu can be used to highlight the most important components of your site. Some possible Menu items include:

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How to Use Widgets

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 6, 2017|Tech Tip|0 comments

This tutorial will walk you through how to add widgets to your site. Important Note: to work with widgets you must have Administrator privileges on your site. For tech support from the Futures Initiative web developers, please contact: 6 Easy Steps Basic Information Widgets are a great way to add content and features to your WordPress site sidebars (header, footer, etc.) WordPress comes with default widgets including Recent Posts, Search,

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FI App: Getting Started Tips

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 4, 2017|FI App|0 comments

In my last post, I announced my FI research project, which aims to build a tool that can benefit both the FI and broader CUNY community. Specifically, the project focuses on building the FI Events Mobile Application. As a quick reminder, the goals of the project are the following: Build an Android Mobile App that displays FI events, which provides greater access to information Share the code publicly to enable

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