Mind Mapping: A Futures Initiative Session

Mind Mapping: A Futures Initiative Session

By Lisa|April 23, 2016|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

During our last Futures Initiative co-working hours, the team spent half an hour doing some mind mapping to visualize our program and what it is connected to. This session was led by Futures Initiative Fellow Kalle Westerling. We are currently completing our second year as a program, and as we look towards the third year, we wanted to think about the spaces where we have impact and what areas may

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Mapping Our Network: DH2015 Poster Presentation

By Lisa|September 18, 2015|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

[embedit snippet=”fibasicnetwork”] A small interactive visualization of our site network as of Spring 2015   One of the major research and pedagogy focuses of the inaugural 2014-2015 year of the Futures Initiative was mapping and geographic information systems (GIS). For a deeper look at some of this work, you can see the collaborative project of our Mapping the Futures cohort here, and Futures Initiative Fellow Michael Dorsch‘s Sociodemographic Maps of

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Mapping the Futures of Higher Education Year-End Celebration

By Danica Savonick|June 25, 2015|Class Recap, FI Events, Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

The Futures Initiative team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make our first year such a success. You can learn more about what we’ve been up to this past year in our latest newsletter and  in our annual report (pdf). Thank you also to everyone who attended our May 22 reception celebrating the achievements of the graduate and undergraduate students in our inaugural course, “Mapping

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Mentoring Workshop

By Kalle Westerling|June 10, 2015|FI Events, Mapping|0 comments

Thanks to generous support from CUNY Central, The Futures Initiative will host a two-day mentoring workshop this summer. Graduate and undergraduate students from the Mapping the Futures courses will work together to develop peer leadership skills and further explore student-centered learning, creating a network of student support across the CUNY campuses. Graduate Leaders Hilarie Ashton, GC, English Rachel Oppenheimer, GC, MALS and LaGuardia CC Natalie Oshukany, GC, Music Undergraduate Mentors

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Counter-Mapping the Art History Survey

By Hallie Scott|June 4, 2015|Mapping|1 comments

An art history survey, traditionally taught, follows a canon of “masterpieces” created mostly by white males of Western European descent. If mapped, the dots representing works in this canon would be clustered heavily around France, Greece, and Italy. The students in my Art History and It’s Meaning class at Brooklyn College, a required course with completely trans-disciplinary enrollment, collaborated to research and create their own map. Students researched and wrote

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Mapping BMCC E-Learning: It goes where you go

By Janey Oliphint Flanagan|May 22, 2015|Mapping|0 comments

For my mapping project this semester I thought it would be very useful to find out where Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), City University of New York (CUNY), e-learning students actually live.  Are they in the five boroughs of New York City or do they actually live throughout the state and the country?  Only very rarely do we have a student enroll who is truly a “distant” student, meaning

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English 110: Writing the Self Student Work (Hilarie Ashton’s Queens College Course)

By admin|May 20, 2015|Mapping|0 comments

Alexie Word Collage   My group decided that we would represent the Alexie text “Indian Education” using different collages. I chose to do a collage for the first grade section in Alexie’s piece. The meaning of this collage is to show how Alexie achieved strength. Bullying became a norm to Alexie. This shows through the way the word bullying is written. It is surrounding him and consuming him. He became so

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Chemistry 201 – Career Map

By Maria Greene|May 18, 2015|Mapping|0 comments

Hello All, This a map of my chemistry students’ future goals and career choices. The idea for this map was chosen to motivate the students to do well in chemistry and to keep pushing toward their goals. Many students enter the classroom with great concerns about not doing well in chemistry. Many of those concerns stem from varying experiences that each of them had with science in the past. These inhibitions

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Mapping the Future Scholars of Freshman Composition II @ Kingsborough College

By MichelleG|May 6, 2015|Mapping, Reflection|2 comments

Kingsborough offers an interdisciplinary freshman course designed to introduce incoming college students to general university studies. Freshman Composition at Kingsborough is a two part sequential course. In our second level course, we have been discussing truth and evidence, which has led them to their final papers, which will be a research paper based on a topic and research question they are interested in learning more about. This is a map

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