CUNY-Wide Undergraduate Leadership Opportunity

By admin|May 19, 2017|Announcements, Peer mentoring|0 comments

APPLY BY MAY 31! Thanks to generous funding from the Teagle Foundation, the Futures Initiative will once again be able to offer CUNY undergraduate students a unique opportunity to become Futures Initiative Leadership Fellows. This year, up to 25 undergraduates from across the CUNY campuses will begin their fellowship by participating in a day-long workshop: the Undergraduate Leadership Institute (Wednesday, August 9 at the Graduate Center). After completion of the

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On Building a Community in the Classroom

By Ryan Donovan|March 10, 2016|Pedagogy Guide, Peer mentoring, Reflection, student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

This blog is a reflection on implementing strategies and tools I learned as a student in the inaugural course offered by the Futures Initiative in Spring 2015 at The Graduate Center/CUNY. Though my students gave me permission to write about their experiences, I have intentionally obscured any identifying details.   In the second week of the semester, my students were assigned to give introductory speeches to the class. As this is

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“From Students to Scholars” Graduate Center Peer Mentoring Podcast

By Danica Savonick|September 30, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest, Peer mentoring|0 comments

CUNY Graduate Center students are launching, “From Students to Scholars,” a peer mentoring podcast for graduate students. According to their website, “The podcast invites Level 3 students and alums to talk about their graduate experiences and provides GC students with tips and tricks that can help them succeed in their programs. Anyone interested in the podcast – as a listener or potential guest – is invited to attend our launch

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Futures Initiative Mentoring Workshop Day 2: Photo Essay

By Lisa Tagliaferri|August 24, 2015|FI Events, Peer mentoring, Reflection|0 comments

Everybody raise your hand! #futuresed — Futures Initiative (@FuturesED) August 19, 2015 The Futures Initiative Mentoring Workshop continued on August 19, 2015 at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Undergraduate students continued to work with graduate students and the FI team to think through mentoring and higher education.

Futures Initiative Mentoring Workshop Day 1: Photo Essay

By Lisa Tagliaferri|August 20, 2015|FI Events, Peer mentoring, Reflection|2 comments

  It was a real privilege to be part of the Futures Initiative Mentoring Workshop the past two days, hosted by the Graduate Center with participants from 8 additional CUNY campuses. As part of the Futures Initiative course offerings, undergraduate mentors from the first FI course (“Mapping the Futures of Higher Education“) will mentor incoming undergraduate students for the 2015-2015 academic year. These students, hailing from New York City’s five

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