Academic CV Workshop with Kaysi Holman

By Lisa|February 22, 2016|Reflection|0 comments

Kaysi Holman (Program Coordinator for HASTAC@Duke and the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge in the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University) led the Futures Initiative Fellows in a CV Crit Session, which may be useful to the larger HASTAC community, especially graduate students that will be looking for faculty jobs in the coming years.  To set up your own CV Crit Session, exchange CVs across a group (can be a group of

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Thoughtful, practical career advice from Sharon Marcus, Columbia

By Katina|September 15, 2015|Of interest|0 comments

“Scenes From the Life of a Graduate Adviser”: This recent Chronicle Vitae piece by Sharon Marcus, Professor of English and Dean of Humanities at Columbia University, should be required reading for graduate students—and for their professors and advisers. I especially like her first three takeaways: Lesson No. 1: Encourage all of your doctoral students to think about careers outside the professoriate. Lesson No. 2: Encourage them to aim as high in

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