Cathy Davidson featured in Binghamton University magazine

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Professor Cathy Davidson is featured as an important alumna in Binghamton University’s magazine, especially for her work as a “mover, shaker, [and] educator.” Thomas Frazier writes: Ask Cathy N. Davidson about the state of education, and she will tell you that while today’s students are the first generation of the 21st century, they’re still being trained for the 20th century. For much of her career, Davidson, MA ’73, PhD ’74, hasn’t

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Cathy Davidson’s Keynote at X International Seminar

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  Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson was one of the keynote speakers for the UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change X International Seminar was held at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona, December 1-2, 2014. Cathy Davidson’s talk was entitled “Changing Higher Education from the Classroom Up,” and it is now available to watch online here. The other talks and demos of the X International Seminar are available here. 

Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson will be Keynote Speaker at 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference

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The 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference will be taking place on December 4th and 5th at John Jay College this year. Cathy Davidson, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Futures Initiative, will be giving the Opening Keynote at 3:30pm on December 4th. See the full program here.   CUNY IT Conference 2014 Overview Change is the new constant, but some (big) changes are more like shifts: shifts in practice and

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The End of Higher Education: A Discussion About Purpose

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Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson discussed The End of Higher Education with Mike Wesch and Randy Bass as part of the Connected Courses Kick-off Live Event on September 15th. As shrinking budgets, skeptical publics, and rising alternatives continue to threaten the end of higher education, we host this conversation as a contemplation of what the end – or purpose – of higher education should be. We will also reflect on

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Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson discusses Technology Distraction on NPR

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Listen to Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson talk on the NPR Show To The Point here. Who’s in Charge: You or Your Smart Phone? Drivers tell pollsters they know it’s too dangerous to text while they’re at the wheel, but about one third admit they do it anyway. Now there’s persuasive evidence that we don’t have as much choice as we tell ourselves. Matt Richtel reports for the New York

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“Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” Profs Cathy Davidson and William Kelly S 2015

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Mapping the Futures of Higher Education This is the first course offered by the new Futures Initiative, team-taught by Director Cathy N. Davidson and former Graduate Center President William Kelly. The course is designed for second, third, or fourth year graduate students who are teaching during S 2015 at one of CUNY’s colleges or community colleges. Professors Cathy N. Davidson and William Kelly IDS 70200 Spring 2015, Tuesday 4:15-6:15 PM

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Course Description (S 15): Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

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Here are some early ideas describing the method of the first course to be offered by the Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center CUNY. There will be a large interactive public component to which anyone who wishes will be invited. The course will be team-taught by myself (Cathy N. Davidson, Director of the Futures Initiative) and William Kelly (former President of the Graduate Center). Participation and feedback welcome!   Mapping

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