4 Ways to Be a Virtual Partner in “What Is a Dissertation?”

By Lisa|September 16, 2014|FI Events|0 comments

Our goal in “What Is A Dissertation?” (aka: #remixthediss) is to showcase, celebrate, and model what it takes to not only produce an innovative dissertation but how to enact the institutional change required to have one approved by your university. That means knowing institutional rules, having the right mentors, being willing to explain yourself in terms of existing structures, goals, and aspirations and how your work moves those along, etc.

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The Eighty-Five Percent: Or, Why CUNY is New York’s Best Kept Secret

By Cathy Davidson|September 3, 2014|Reflection|0 comments

Also available as a blog post on hastac.org   On July 1, I left my friends, family, students, and neighbors at Duke University, where I had enjoyed as rich and fulfilling a career for over two decades as any academic could aspire to, to take up a new position among the distinguished faculty at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. To people who haven’t been paying

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