The CUNY Sociodemographic Map of NYC Part II: Race and Ethnicity Revisited

By Michael Dorsch|February 20, 2015|Mapping|2 comments

Read Part 1 In the Fall of 2014, as the first research activity of the new Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center, we embarked on a student-led project we are calling the CUNY Map of NYC. This is actually a series of maps that we will be working on throughout this semester, several of which will be the work of students in a dozen courses at CUNY campuses. These are

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Why Do Research? Or, Why “The CUNY Map of NYC” Matters #FuturesEd

By Cathy Davidson|February 17, 2015|Mapping, Reflection|1 comments

Quality and Diversity Much has been written lately about the rise in quality of CUNY over the last two decades. Some have assumed that its rising quality means CUNY must have lost track of its honored populist commitments to New York City’s diverse population. That turns out not to be true, according to the careful demographic research published last week by Futures Initiative Fellow and Graduate Center doctoral student, Michael

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CUNY Sociodemographics Map of New York City: Part I – Race and Ethnicity

By Michael Dorsch|February 10, 2015|Mapping|9 comments

CUNY schools serve a student population as diverse as NYC itself—and sometimes more so By: Michael Dorsch, Futures Initiative Fellow and Doctoral Student, Earth and Environmental Sciences, The Graduate Center, City University of New York Read Part 2 Key Points: Across the CUNY system overall, race and ethnicity enrollment characteristics tend to match the race and ethnicity characteristics of the neighboring communities. The percentages of Hispanic, Non-Hispanic Black, and Non-Hispanic Asian students

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