December 8 and January 19–22: Digital Research Bootcamp Call For Applicants

By Allison Guess|December 4, 2015|Of interest|0 comments

When: January 19–22, 2016 What: 4-day intensive workshop on digital research methods Where: The Graduate Center, CUNY Objective: To equip the CUNY academic community with digital research skills. This 4-day intensive is designed for CUNY graduate students, faculty, and staff across skill-level and academic disciplines (no previous digital experience required). GC Digital Initiatives invites you to the inaugural Digital Research Bootcamp. This is an opportunity to develop your digital research skills and meet similarly-minded

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Hunter College Intro to Theatre Map: Theatre Across New York City

By Ryan Donovan|April 25, 2015|Mapping|1 comments

Students in Hunter College’s Intro to Theatre course were assigned to see a performance of their choice and write a reflection on their experience. This map links the individual reflections of each student and the location of each theatre where they attended the performance. You can read reviews of everything from student productions to long-running Broadway shows, reflecting the breadth and depth of theatre available to all of us lucky enough to

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ARC Student Fellowships — Deadline Friday April 17

By Lisa|March 24, 2015|Of interest|0 comments

The Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) is accepting applications from Level II doctoral students for Research Praxis Awards for the upcoming academic year. Their research themes closely match those of many students in the Mapping the Futures graduate course — immigration, inequality, multilingualism, digital education. Below is a link to the application (due April 17), and under the cut is more information. ARC Student Fellowship Application 2015 (MS Word Download)

Getting the most out of CBOX: Where and how to post content

By Katina|February 23, 2015|CBOX Tips|0 comments

CBOX offers many options on where to post content—but sometimes having so many possibilities can be overwhelming. With that in mind, I’ve outlined a few places you might want to post, with some details about each. I’ll discuss posting to the main blog, the graduate class’s group/forum, your undergraduate class’s group/forum, and your undergraduate class’s site.

Getting the most out of CBOX: Connecting groups and sites

By Katina|February 13, 2015|CBOX Tips|0 comments

Several people have set up course websites on our network. This is great! If you haven’t already done so, consider setting up both a group and a site on our CBOX network for your class. Here’s why and how. Think of your class-specific site as a boat, and the group is the rope that ties the boat back to the dock ( homepage). The site on its own is perfectly functional,

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