FI Mentoring Workshop

By Danica Savonick|August 18, 2015|FI Events|0 comments

Today (Tuesday August 18) and tomorrow we have 35 undergraduates from across the CUNY undergraduate campuses joining us at the CUNY Graduate Center for a two-day mentoring workshop. Check out what we’re up to here.

Now through 8/28: Towards a Pedagogy of Equality #fight4edu

By Danica Savonick|August 17, 2015|FI Events|1 comments

  You are invited to join the Futures Initiative for a live-streamed, one-hour workshop on engaged pedagogy as a way of modeling a more egalitarian society.  The workshop will take place on August 28 at 1 pm at the CUNY Graduate Center, rm. 9204, and will be facilitated by Professor Cathy Davidson. This workshop opens The University Worth Fighting For, a series of workshops that tie student-centered, engaged pedagogical practices to

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The Digital GC: 2014-2015 Year-End Showcase

By Lisa|May 7, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|0 comments

Please join us on May 19th 2015 for a special event at the Graduate Center showcasing the innovative and diverse digital projects initiated during the 2014-2015 academic year! Presentations will be given by: the Digital Praxis Seminar, the GC Digital Fellows, Provost’s Digital Innovation Grantees, the New Media Lab, the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, the Futures Initiative, and the GC Library. Event Details: The Digital GC: Year-End Showcase

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Grant Writing for Humanists

By Lisa|March 12, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|0 comments

Please join the English Program and the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative in welcoming Dr. Jennifer Guiliano, who will lead a grant writing workshop specifically aimed towards scholars working in the humanities. This event will take place Friday, April 24th, at 2pm in the English Program Lounge (4406) at the Graduate Center, CUNY. RSVP recommended: Designed for humanities scholars seeking assistance with writing grants, this workshop introduces participants to best

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What Is Learning? 12 Principles of Peer-Led, Connected, Interactive Education

By Cathy Davidson|December 17, 2014|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

Cross-posted to the Futures Initiative HASTAC Group. Here are a baker’s dozen of the main principles of connected learning. As you will see, they form an “ecosystem,” where each component influences and changes the others. These apply in any field (although differently in each field). These principles draw from constructivist, engaged “public educators” (Stuart Hall’s term)  going back as far as Lev Vygotsky and John Dewey and including Howard Gardner,

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