By Allison Guess|September 12, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|1 comments

On Tuesday October 13, 2015 from 12pm – 8:15pm, the Fashion Studies program at the Graduate Center at CUNY will host a Global Fashion Capitals Conference . One of the highlights will be the film screening of The True Costs (2015) that looks at the identity of New York City as a fashion capital at the intersections of culture, economy and labor. The film will be followed by a Q&A

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Effects of contingent employment on academic research

By Katina|March 5, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

I’ve just posted a reflection to HASTAC that may be of some interest to readers of this site. Here’s a snippet: Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. This is perhaps the most important refrain of the adjunct activism movement, and the one that is most likely to lead to change. If the primary goal of colleges and universities is to educate students, then the ways that labor conditions affect

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