Co-Creating Social Change: Transformative Learning in a Community College

By Mike Rifino|January 18, 2018|FI Events|0 comments

Wed, Feb 14 | GC Skylight Room (9100) | 12:00pm to 2:00pm EST  | RSVP | Live stream Social Media: #fight4edu | @FuturesED DESCRIPTION Join the Futures Initiative on February 14th from 12-2pm for “Co-creating Social Change: Transformative Learning in a Community College.” This discussion will showcase a collaborative inquiry project conducted with and for students participating in the peer activist learning community (PALC), a student-based co-curricular program. Drawing on Stetsenko’s notion of Transformative Activist Stance (2008),

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Recap: Measuring What Counts

By Lisa|March 7, 2016|Event Recap|1 comments

  On Wednesday, March 2nd, the Futures Initiative hosted “Measuring What Counts: Credentials or Learning” at the Graduate Center, CUNY. It is part of our “The University Worth Fighting For” series of events, which will continue on Thursday, April 14 with “Teaching as Social Justice: Equity, Diversity, Race” livestreamed and live in room C197. Futures Initiative Fellow Mike Rifino, a PhD student in Human Development, introduced the event. Our special guests discussed how to measure

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Mar 2: Measuring What Counts: Credentials or Learning?

By Mike Rifino|February 11, 2016|FI Events|0 comments

Wednesday, March 2 | 1 PM to 2 PM | | #fight4edu | RSVP Details WHERE: The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue Room: C197 WHEN: Wednesday, March 2, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM CONTACT INFO: futuresinitiative [at]; (212) 817-7201 Description Join us at the Graduate Center on Wednesday, March 2 from 1-2pm in room C197 for an open, livestreamed workshop on metrics, assessment, equity, and finding ways to measure what we

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Just launched: Teaching and Learning Center website for The CUNY Graduate Center

By Mike Rifino|February 1, 2016|Of interest|0 comments

The Teaching and Learning Center has launched its website, which can be accessed at To read about the site and the TLC’s programming and plans for growth, see: Office hours for the upcoming semester are: Also, the GC Community, consider joining the TLC Group on the CUNY Academic Commons, at, where members will be able to receive announcements and participate in ongoing conversations about teaching and learning at CUNY and beyond.

Reflections on Improvisational Teaching, Formative Assessment, and Student Engagement

By Hilarie Ashton|March 2, 2015|Reflection|4 comments

My students and I are embarking on an exciting adventure. We are making room in our already crowded semester for a project that I thought would only be a thirty minute lesson. A large part of the reason that it’s become more than that is their own input and interest. I generally teach from a place of collaboration between/among the folks in my classroom, but this project is opening that dynamic

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Civic Institute Interview

By Lisa|February 17, 2015|Announcements|0 comments

Now appearing on the Civic Institute’s website is Jan Gmurczyk’s interview with Cathy Davidson about learning how to learn and collaboration within education. They also discuss how to use technology for education, and why equality is such an important concern. The article is in Polish, read it here.    

Virtual Mapping

By Lisa|February 5, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

This past October at our first public Futures Initiative event at the Graduate Center, Curtis Wong, the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, gave a talk entitled “Mapping the Universe and Other Small Things.” In his talk, he mentioned a study from 1993 that asked children to a) point out Madagascar on a world map, and b) point out Yoshi’s Island in Super Mario World:   As shown in his slide, there is a

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An Open Letter to Grad Students/Teachers/Co-Learners: #FuturesEd

By Cathy Davidson|December 3, 2014|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

Dear Graduate Students, Teachers, Co-Learners, Welcome!  I can’t wait to meet you. If you are taking “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education,” you are someone I am very excited to meet–someone willing to take risks that come with enormous rewards, someone with expansive curiosity,  someone excited to work with people from other fields because you are interested in understanding the “why” and “how” of a committed intellectual life, someone dedicated

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The Futures Initiative: Workshop and Information Session

By Danica Savonick|September 15, 2014|FI Events|0 comments

October 3, 2 pm Room 9204 Graduate Center, CUNY This workshop introduces the Graduate Center’s new Futures Initiative and the peer-led structure of “teaching as learning, learning as teaching,” an interactive, collaborative method that helps us rethink the Industrial Age apparatus of higher education.   Bring your laptops! Workshop participants will work together on a draft syllabus for the first course to be offered by F.I., “Mapping the Futures of

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The Eighty-Five Percent: Or, Why CUNY is New York’s Best Kept Secret

By Cathy Davidson|September 3, 2014|Reflection|0 comments

Also available as a blog post on   On July 1, I left my friends, family, students, and neighbors at Duke University, where I had enjoyed as rich and fulfilling a career for over two decades as any academic could aspire to, to take up a new position among the distinguished faculty at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. To people who haven’t been paying

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