On Building a Community in the Classroom

By Ryan Donovan|March 10, 2016|Pedagogy Guide, Peer mentoring, Reflection, student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

This blog is a reflection on implementing strategies and tools I learned as a student in the inaugural course offered by the Futures Initiative in Spring 2015 at The Graduate Center/CUNY. Though my students gave me permission to write about their experiences, I have intentionally obscured any identifying details.   In the second week of the semester, my students were assigned to give introductory speeches to the class. As this is

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Evaluation of Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

By Katina Rogers|October 5, 2015|Announcements, Class Recap, student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

The Futures Initiative is happy to share an evaluation report (PDF) of our inaugural course, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education. The analysis was conducted by two Urban Education doctoral students, Deborah Greenblatt and Janey Flanagan. We were delighted to learn that both undergraduate and graduate students considered the course and teaching methods to be highly effective. The report also contains many lessons for us as we plan for the

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FI Mentoring Workshop

By Danica Savonick|August 18, 2015|FI Events|0 comments

Today (Tuesday August 18) and tomorrow we have 35 undergraduates from across the CUNY undergraduate campuses joining us at the CUNY Graduate Center for a two-day mentoring workshop. Check out what we’re up to here.

Mentoring Workshop

By Kalle Westerling|June 10, 2015|FI Events, Mapping|0 comments

Thanks to generous support from CUNY Central, The Futures Initiative will host a two-day mentoring workshop this summer. Graduate and undergraduate students from the Mapping the Futures courses will work together to develop peer leadership skills and further explore student-centered learning, creating a network of student support across the CUNY campuses. Graduate Leaders Hilarie Ashton, GC, English Rachel Oppenheimer, GC, MALS and LaGuardia CC Natalie Oshukany, GC, Music Undergraduate Mentors

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Celebration and Reception, May 22 – Join Us!

Celebration and Reception, May 22 – Join Us!

By Katina Rogers|March 11, 2015|Class Recap, FI Events, Mapping, Of interest, Reflection|1 comments

Please join us on the evening of Friday, May 22, 2015 for a celebration and reception honoring the inaugural cohort of Futures Initiative Scholars. We will also be unveiling the CUNY Maps of NYC, a series of student-designed maps visualizing the impact of CUNY on communities—and vice versa. Futures Initiative Scholars include more than 365 students. Together, they represent nine different disciplines at ten different CUNY campuses, from pre-college students to faculty

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Formative Assessment in the Undergraduate Classroom: Three Activities to Try Today

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|March 4, 2015|Class Recap, Of interest, Reflection|1 comments

This post serves as a follow-up to a student-led unit on assessment run on February 17 and 24 as part of the Futures Initiative “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” course held at the Graduate Center, CUNY. I (representing Hunter College) along with Janey Flanagan (BMCC) and Maria Greene (BMCC) covered some of the pros and cons of both summative and formative assessment in the undergraduate course and offered a forum for lecturers from

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The CUNY Sociodemographic Map of NYC Part II: Race and Ethnicity Revisited

By Michael Dorsch|February 20, 2015|Mapping|2 comments

Read Part 1 In the Fall of 2014, as the first research activity of the new Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center, we embarked on a student-led project we are calling the CUNY Map of NYC. This is actually a series of maps that we will be working on throughout this semester, several of which will be the work of students in a dozen courses at CUNY campuses. These are

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Video Posted from Mapping The Futures of Higher Education Session 2 – Feb. 10, 2015

By Michael Dorsch|February 19, 2015|Class Recap|0 comments

On February 10, 2015 we opened the second session of Mapping the Futures of Higher Education with a discussion and Q&A session on William Kelly’s “Forgotten Alternatives” and Cathy Davidson’s “Changing Higher Ed from the Classroom Up” Highlights form the discussion: Issue of preparation before students get to college—biggest indicator of whether they will graduate. CUNY schools provide underprepared students a big lift. Least prepared students are entering community colleges;

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Spring 2015 Events

By Lisa|February 14, 2015|FI Events|0 comments

Events from our partners: CLAGS GC Digital Initiatives GC Office of Career Planning and Professional Development Graduate Center Library JustPublics@365 NYC Digital Humanities Futures Initiative and Mapping the Futures of Higher Education Events: March 10: Mapping the Futures of Higher Education, Open Class Session, “Student-Directed Learning,” Presented by graduate students in “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” (Room 9206, Graduate Center, 4:15-6:15pm) April 14: Mapping the Futures of Higher Education, Open

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Embedding a Librarian for Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

By Shawnta Smith|January 28, 2015|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

Mapping the Futures of Higher Education has an embedded librarian for its first course. This direct relationship with the Graduate Center library ensures that students in the course will have direct access to library resources. Although all graduate students at the GC do indeed have direct access, an embedded librarian provides a ensured direct link to the library and its resources for the duration of the course. As geography/ placement/location

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