Cathy Davidson, Futures Initiative Director, Quoted in Politico Article

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Cathy Davidson, Futures Initiative Director and Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center, is featured in a Politico article out today. “No profit left behind” by Stephanie Simon investigates the British publishing giant Pearson, and how it has an enormous influence on US education via its textbooks and testing materials. “The line between profit and profiteering can seem pretty fuzzy,” said Cathy Davidson, director of the Futures Initiative and a professor

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Cathy Davidson will Talk about the Future of Higher Education on CNN’s @ThisHour on Nov. 20th

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  @This Hour, CNN 11am, Thursday, Nov. 20th @This Hour with John Berman and Michaela Pereira will be discussing the future of higher education with Cathy Davidson, Director of the Futures Initiative, and NYU professor and author Richard Arum. The discussion will consider the recent film, Ivory Tower, and CUNY’s Prof. Davidson will speak to the urgency of what price society will pay if higher education cannot revolutionize our current university model and evolve to

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Futures Initiative article featured in Inside Higher Ed

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Inside Higher Ed has featured the Futures Initiative and Cathy Davidson’s vision for the work that will be done by our group within CUNY. The article, “Big Idea, Tall Order” by Colleen Flaherty, speaks to the spirit of the Futures Initiative. Going forward, [Davidson] hopes that the Futures Initiative will be able to explore and model a variety of big ideas about teaching and learning. One of those ideas is that

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Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson discusses Technology Distraction on NPR

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Listen to Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson talk on the NPR Show To The Point here. Who’s in Charge: You or Your Smart Phone? Drivers tell pollsters they know it’s too dangerous to text while they’re at the wheel, but about one third admit they do it anyway. Now there’s persuasive evidence that we don’t have as much choice as we tell ourselves. Matt Richtel reports for the New York

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