What is the Futures Initiative? Defining and Redefining our Goals

By Katina|July 21, 2016|Reflection|0 comments

The Futures Initiative can be difficult to describe. We work at the intersection of pedagogy, technology, professional development, and public engagement, all in support of fostering a more equitable higher education system for all. We’re trying to find better and clearer ways of saying that, not only through our mission statement, but through all that we do—from programming to written materials to the architecture and design of our website. We’re

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Initial reflections on the Futures Initiative

By Danica Savonick|September 25, 2014|Reflection|0 comments

“We can’t fail. When your goal is to transform higher education, you can’t really succeed—so that means you can’t really fail. Everything we do will be interesting.” – Cathy Davidson   Unlike entering an established educational institution, where the forms and norms precede you, beginning work with the Futures Initiative felt like an aleatory encounter. There were no scripts here, Java or otherwise.   One of my favorite experiences was

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The Eighty-Five Percent: Or, Why CUNY is New York’s Best Kept Secret

By Cathy Davidson|September 3, 2014|Reflection|0 comments

Also available as a blog post on hastac.org   On July 1, I left my friends, family, students, and neighbors at Duke University, where I had enjoyed as rich and fulfilling a career for over two decades as any academic could aspire to, to take up a new position among the distinguished faculty at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. To people who haven’t been paying

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