Dr. Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Student Grant Competition, 2018

By Katina|January 16, 2018|Announcements|0 comments

The Futures Initiative is pleased to announce the second annual Dr. Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Grant Competition. Thanks to a generous gift from Curtis Wong, recipient of an honorary degree from the Graduate Center in 2016, as well as a matching grant from Microsoft and several anonymous donations, the competition honors Dr. Lennihan for her extraordinary service on behalf of students and faculty at the Graduate Center. Six micro-grants in the amount

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Greetings, “together we’ll make magic!”

By Frances|September 8, 2017|Announcements|2 comments

Now that the fall semester is in full swing, I thought that I would finally write to introduce myself to the Futures Initiative’s virtual communities. My name is Frances Tran and this year I will be serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow and the Interim Associate Director of the Futures Initiative, while our Director of Administration and Programs, Katina Rogers, is on parental leave. Despite the volatility of our current political

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Recap: A Year-End Celebration of the Futures Initiative

By Lisa|June 17, 2016|Event Recap|0 comments

On May 19, we had the opportunity to celebrate all that our Faculty Fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, peer mentors, and Graduate Fellows have accomplished throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. We were able to showcase some of the work coming out of the Futures Initiative courses of the 2015-2016 academic year: Encountering Cuba – Global Race, Postcoloniality, Cultural Expression Kandice Chuh and Sujatha Fernandes Global Perspectives on Language and Education

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Diversity in Social Research Methods: Embracing More Representative Understandings of Equity and Social Justice

By Michael Dorsch|February 3, 2016|Reflection, Research|0 comments

Our research work at the Futures Initiative in our inaugural and second years has explored questions of access and diversity that are central to our mission of promoting equity and innovation in higher education. Last year, with the CUNY Sociodemographics Map of NYC project, we explored the racial and ethnic characteristics of neighborhoods around CUNY’s 26 senior and community colleges as well as around CUNY’s professional and graduate schools throughout

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2015-2016 Futures Initiative Research Projects Update

By Michael Dorsch|October 19, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Diversity and equity in higher education are foundational pillars of the Futures Initiative’s mission. Last year, we carried out research projects that began to look at equity specifically in the case of the City University of New York with the CUNY Maps of New York, one of which looked at race and ethnicity of students enrolled at CUNY campuses and compared those with the race and ethnicity makeup of the

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Public Higher Education as the Pathway to Resilience

By Michael Dorsch|September 4, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

I have recently been looking back on my first year as a Futures Initiative fellow, on all of the amazing things we accomplished in 2014-2015—our inaugural year—and also looking forward to the challenges and opportunities we face both as an organization promoting innovation and equity in the classroom and as part of a broader movement fighting for continued support and funding for public higher education programs and for making quality

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Students Take the Lead: Quick Prompt for Research

By MichelleG|March 15, 2015|Reflection|2 comments

I have not always been a student-centered believer. It took a few years before I could really understand how to implement this approach into my classroom and grasp the unlimited acceleration potential it could truly have for my students. I’m a second-guesser and I often doubt my techniques—worrying that I am not giving my students the absolute best opportunity to learn and a quality education. But, I found myself grappling

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Effects of contingent employment on academic research

By Katina|March 5, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

I’ve just posted a reflection to HASTAC that may be of some interest to readers of this site. Here’s a snippet: Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. This is perhaps the most important refrain of the adjunct activism movement, and the one that is most likely to lead to change. If the primary goal of colleges and universities is to educate students, then the ways that labor conditions affect

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New analysis: “CUNY schools serve a student population as diverse as NYC —sometimes more so”

By Katina|February 11, 2015|Announcements, Research|0 comments

CUNY Sociodemographics Map of New York City: Part I – Race and Ethnicity CUNY schools serve a student population as diverse as NYC itself—and sometimes more so. New analysis by Michael Dorsch, Futures Initiative Fellow and Doctoral Student, Earth and Environmental Sciences, The Graduate Center, City University of New York http://futuresinitiative.org/blog/2015/02/10/cuny-sociodemographics-map-of-new-york-city-part-i-race-and-ethnicity/ The Futures Initiative, a program of The Graduate Center, CUNY, is very pleased to present new research by Futures

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