Teaching Philosophy: A Retrospective

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|March 16, 2015|Reflection|2 comments

This post is a follow-up to Day 1 of the “Mapping” course’s unit on student-centered pedagogy. For homework we were asked to think about our teaching philosophy, a statement which tries to encompass some of the following: How do you situate yourself in the classroom? Why do you teach? What do you want your students to get out of your classes? I was asked to write a teaching philosophy a

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Why I’ll never be a Master Explicator.

By Hallie Scott|March 16, 2015|Reflection|3 comments

When I started teaching I was assigned a course that extended far far beyond my area of expertise and, although it made me quite nervous at the time, I created an extremely dynamic and engaged classroom by puzzling through the material alongside my students. During that first semester I felt like I was failing because I wasn’t anywhere near what Ranciere calls a “Master Explicator”, full of information that I

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