Cihan Tekay

FI Graduate Fellow, Specialist in Institutional Leadership and Administration

Headshot of Cihan TekayCihan Tekay earned her BA from Hampshire College and she is a PhD Student in Anthropology at the Graduate Center. 

Cihan is interested in the global emergence of novel forms of citizenship, and how people’s engagement with science, technology, and popular political ideologies shape visions of the future. As an interdisciplinary scholar trained in history, sociology and anthropology, her research reevaluates the relationship of people and politics to technology and natural resources by employing archival and ethnographic methods. She is currently writing her dissertation on the political economy of electrification and its repercussions in daily life in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey from 1890 to 1940. Her project has been supported by Social Science Research Council’s International Dissertation Research Fellowship as well as the Doctoral Student Research Grant and Provost’s Award programs at the Graduate Center. 

Cihan has taught courses in Anthropology, Sociology and Gender Studies in the CUNY system since 2012. She also worked as a Graduate Fellow at Medgar Evers College, where she assisted students and faculty in developing tools for writing, researching, and publishing their projects. 

Cihan is committed to public scholarship, academic freedom, and imagining fair and equitable futures for the public university. She has been a co-editor of the Turkey section on since 2013.