Finding Dissent through Found Poetry

Spring semester, 2017. English 241: Text in its Historical Moment. The Arts of Dissent. Dissent.

Dissent. That’s the theme for this semester. It means disagreement. Conflict. A difference of opinions. Thus, the texts that we read for this class follow that theme:

The Tempest

A Raisin in the Sun



Each of these books is filled with conflict that expands outside of the story itself and touches those who read it. Servants plot to usurp masters in The Tempest; a family resists segregation in A Raisin in the Sun; racism is found within every interaction in Citizen; and the poor are left to scrape by while others flourish within Graceland. We wanted to find out if the dissent found within each piece would remain, even if we rearranged the text into our own work. Each individual text has been re-fashioned into its own poem. By taking sentences and phrases found within different pages and putting them in a different context, new works were created. This method is known as found poetry.

Through found poetry, we will rediscover dissent in a different form.

Will it maintain the semester’s theme of dissent?

That is up to any who read our poems to determine.