A Doll’s House Performance Review Assignment

Hunter Intro to Theatre’s Docs A Doll’s House Performance Review Assignment

Dear students,

Attached is the assignment for your review of A Doll’s House. Unlike the performance reflection assignment that you just completed, this assignment is to do a review of the production (rather than single out three moments or images that stood out). This assignment asks you to consider all of the elements of the production in your review.

I would like for you to be able to weave in descriptive passages about the visuals of the production into your review (like many of of you did for the performance reflection assignment). This is part of what makes well-written reviews and criticism compelling. Even though for this assignment we will all see the same production, this review should reflect your personal feelings about the production. Identify its strengths and where you felt it had room for improvement–and most importantly, why you felt this way.

As always, feel free to turn in a draft of your review for advance feedback.

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