Fall Semester Anticipations and Expectations

Fall Semester Anticipations and Expectations

As a senior “Public Affairs” student, I’m very much concerned about what it means to be a Public Affairs student and what path my degree is taking me towards. I go to Baruch College which is a highly competitive CUNY college and a top public business school in the United States. The students here are very ambitious and prefer a fast track career and quick success. Everybody I know in the senior year is either doing internships or loads of interviews along with their senior year classes. Sometimes I feel like I am apart of the hustle and fail to let myself see the bigger picture. The fact that I will be the first one to graduate in my family with a bachelor’s and have a degree I worked hard for. However, this semester I am serious about finding a good career path that matches my skills, therefore, I am doing two internships one in a non-profit and the other as a public affair intern in Queens Museum. My other goals include improving my leadership skills and knowledge in my field.

Every semester, we face challenges that test our patience and resilience. I find time management and eating healthy food throughout the semester difficult. It is not totally out of my hands but it is not up to my expectations. Sleep is an another issue which every college student struggles with. I think one of the main reason why most students struggle with sleep is their habit of constantly thinking about work and its ramifications if not completed in time.
No matter how many Ted talk videos I watch on “How to manage your time” or “Benefits of living a healthy life style” sometimes pursuing many goals makes one imperfect. I have come to realize doing less, but to fullest is the best option and always taking time for family and outings with quality people makes one’s life healthy.

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