So,Why College again?


Is a college degree really necessary to achieve one’s goals and ambitions? If so, is it worth the immense amount of money so many people are paying?

Does money make the world go ‘round?



Money plays a large and important role in the society we are living in. As members of American society, we are required to spend a great deal of money on a lot of things: housing, food, utilities, entertainment, and family- it’s expensive, but it’s also necessary for a comfortable lifestyle.

How do we make enough money to do all of these things?

By obtaining a college degree, you are more likely to get a higher paying job. Unfortunately, being able to go to college is not an opportunity that everyone gets. Getting accepted into college is hard work, and maintaining the workload in college as a student is also a challenge. But, is it just hard work that allows you to go to college or is it something more? This is a question that cannot be answered with a single, simple answer. The answers can be found in the stories of the average, American college and high school students. The answers can be found in FAFSA applications and scholarships. Or, maybe the answer can’t be found; maybe the answer is a student who couldn’t afford to go to college or a student that wasn’t prepared enough for college. The answer is complicated and remains unknown.

But what we do know is this:

Knowledge is power. Knowledge can be gained through many things, however, education, especially a higher education offers the student knowledge that will change lives.

If the power and importance of the intellectual human mind were valued over the power of the paper dollar, perhaps college would be more accessible, less expensive, or maybe even free. A higher education allows us to gain insight into worlds we never even knew existed, and every human being should be allowed to experience this. Hopefully, in the future ahead, the price tag will be snipped off and college will no longer be a privilege, it will be a right.

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