SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2013). Digest of Education Statistics, 2012 (NCES 2014-015),Chapter 3.


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Here’s a break down as to who is attending school (all stats are as of 2007):

  • Males enrolled: 7.8 million
  • Females enrolled: 10.4 million
  • Full time students: 11.3 million
  • Part time students: 6.9 million
  • Students aged 25+: 6.6 million
  • Undergrads: 15.6 million
  • Grad students: 2.3 million

Of all of the college students enrolled, both full and part time, in the United States, 64.4% were white. Minority students made up the following percentages:

  • Black: 13.1%
  • Hispanic: 11.4%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander: 6.7%
  • Native American/Alaskan: 1%


1A college education is worth more today. There’s a wider earnings gap between college-educated and less-educated Millennials compared with previous generations.


2College benefits go beyond earnings: In addition to earning more, college-educated Millennials also have lower unemployment and poverty rates than their less-educated peers. They’re also more likely to be married and less likely to be living in their parent’s home.


3College grads are more satisfied with their jobs: College-educated Millennials are more likely to see themselves on a career path, rather than just working at a job to get them by.


4The cost of not going to college has risen.  Millennials with just a high school diploma are faring worse today than their counterparts in earlier generations by almost every economic measure examined.


5College grads say college is worth it:  About nine-in-ten college grads in every generation say college has been, or will be, worth the investment. Despite a steep rise in college tuitions, Millennials agree.


6College majors matter. Among all grads, science or engineering majors are the most likely to say their current job is very closely related to their field of study and the least likely to say that a different major would have better prepared them for the job they really wanted.



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