Why College?

Let’s face it, college is important. A higher education broadens our horizons and provides the building blocks necessary for a flourishing and successful life. The opportunity to attend college is a great privilege that should be taken advantage of. But why is it a privilege and not a right? Think about that for a moment.


It is hard not to miss the effortless easiness of Elementary school. The biggest concerns were: how high can you swing on the swing set, can you color inside the lines properly, when was  snack time and which juice box flavor did you have for lunch. Life was simple. Then came high school. High school molded you: what type of music did you start listening to, what sports did you play, were you passing all of your classes, and the biggest question- what colleges were you applying to? The answers to all of these questions are different depending on the type of high school experience you had. Did you go to a well renown private high school? Did you go to your local public high school? How exactly did you end up in the seat you are sitting in right now as a college student? Why are you choosing the classroom over a cubicle, or even, your bed? And most importantly, why are you spending thousands of dollars to sit in this desk? The answer to these questions can be as simple and as baffling as this:

$83,144 US American Dollars

This number is taken from the US census and is the average annual earnings of workers 18 and older with an advanced degree. Not too bad. Or how does this sound:

$58,613 US American Dollars

This is the average income of those with a bachelor’s degree. That sure does sound nicer than:


(high school diploma)



(those without a high school diploma)

doesn’t it?

So, why is college a privilege and not a right?

Maybe this is why:

$15,876 US American Dollars
This number is the average tuition, room and board (for in-state students) at the nation’s four-year public colleges and universities for ONE academic year (2008-09). That was more than double the cost in 1990.


Maybe this:

$40,633 US American Dollars 
This number is the average tuition, room and board at the nation’s four-year private colleges and universities for ONE academic year.


But what about hard work, doesn’t that get you somewhere?

Yes, it does.


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