Professor Savonick – Introduction

Hi, I’m Professor Savonick, the instructor for College Writing 110. I am a doctoral candidate in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, where my research focuses on literature, social justice, and educational methods (this is called pedagogy, and we’ll be talking a lot about it this semester). This is my fourth year teaching here at Queens College and I am very excited to be teaching this particular course, and to hear what you all think about some of the questions I spend a lot of time researching.

As a writer, I struggle the most with figuring out how best to organize my sentences, paragraphs, and ideas. With writing, there’s no one correct answer, but always many different possibilities. One thing I enjoy about writing is how collaborative it is: I never know if I’ve written something effective unless someone else reads it and provides me with feedback (we will be doing a lot of this in the course). The more I learn about writing, and the more I practice it, the more complex and interesting it gets.

Welcome to the class!

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  1. Hello Professor Savonick, I look forward to having you as a teacher and having many discussions on social justice; I am quite passionate about the many injustices in our society, especially social “norms” and stereotypes. I also look forward to learning about different educational methods, since I plan to be an educator myself. A fun tip for writing organization is to tell a story; say the lines out loud to see if they blend together smoothly, like transitional sentences do with paragraphs. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

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