Allen Shimonov – My Introduction

Hello class, my name is Allen. I am a freshman in Queens College. This class was actually my first class in college. I am a biology major. I have a huge passion for medicine and hope to become a pediatrician one day. Writing has never been my strong suit but I have noticed it has improved in the past couple of years. I struggle in organization and expressing my thoughts clearly. My goal for this class is to significantly improve my writing skills. Reading is definitely of strength of mine. I find myself constantly focusedĀ on the class discussions about the texts because IĀ feel it improves my understanding of the readings.

One thought on “Allen Shimonov – My Introduction”

  1. Welcome to the class, Allen, very glad to have you here! Your writing will continue to improve the more you practice, which we will *a lot* throughout the semester. Excellent that you are a strong reader, that will be very helpful in this class.

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