Caleb Yuan Intro

Hello, my name is Caleb Yuan and this is my first year as a transfer student here at Queens College. I am from Queens Village and now live in Bayside. I am pursuing a degree in graphic design. Something I’m looking to get out of this class is just good practice in reading and writing. I barely read books anymore and believe that it directly harms my speech, writing, and overall mental capacity. I also look forward to good discussions in class. I love learning¬†from other people that might see things from a different angle or notice something more than I did about anything.

4 thoughts on “Caleb Yuan Intro”

  1. Hi Caleb, I definitely agree with you. I also barely read anything, and I know I’m harming my abilities of critical thinking and vocabulary by not reading so often. I’m currently working on finding some books of my interest to build my reading habits.

  2. I also do not read a lot and believe it has effected my speech, or at least my thought process. The discussions should be fairly interesting, especially with the articles we had to read, I have some passionate words I am holding in for tomorrow . I think it’s great that you enjoy learning about different perspectives, it opens your eyes and allows you to feel more empathetic towards others; I am very big on empathy. I look forward to sharing a class with you and everyone else.

  3. Hi Caleb. I also don’t read a lot as I should. I know that has many bad effects on my vocab and writing. I hope to improve my reading over the semester. I look forward to being in a class with you and everyone as well.

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