Jiewen Ying——My Introduction

Hello, my name is Jiewen Ying. l came here several months ago. l’m a transfer student, and it’s my first semester in Queens College. My major is Computer Science.

l want to improve my writing in the class since it’s not easy to use a second language to write.  l need to make effort to reach my goal,and l hope all of us can finish your’s at the end of semester.

5 thoughts on “Jiewen Ying——My Introduction”

  1. Welcome to the class, Jiewen, glad to have you! You are certainly not the only student in the course who is working in a second language, so you are in good company. There are also plenty of resources on campus (the Writing Center, office hours) if you would like additional help.

  2. Indeed, you are not alone in the class. I always think that what really matters are the arguments and the strength of ideas developed in writing, fortunately language does not have much influence in this.
    I know that this class will help us a lot. 🙂

  3. Very nice to meet you again, my friend! I feel so lucky having same class with you, and I think we can improve our English skills in this class, cause the teacher and classmates are pretty good~

  4. I’m sure you’ll do great! My advice is to always try and speak up in class. Voice your opinion or formulate an opinion and try to share it out loud. This will help you climb over the fear of speaking and gain confidence. The class seems to be filled with good and supportive folks so feel free to be vocal and practice with us since no one will make fun of your for a mistake. Good luck and welcome!

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