– My Introduction

Hi everyone my name is Sumedha. I am a freshman and Thursday was my first day in college. My first day went really well and I can’t wait to see what else Queens College has to offer. I am a huge fan of psychology. I find it very interesting. I love to learn new topics about it. This semester I hope to improve my writing skills. I am a fairly good writer but I hope to improve throughout this semester. One thing I love about English classes are the discussions. I love a good class discussion on a reading assignment or any topic. I look forward to the rest of the semester.

5 thoughts on “– My Introduction”

  1. Hi Sumedha, welcome to the class and to Queens College! I’m so glad to hear that your first day went well–making the transition to college can be pretty difficult. Fantastic that you enjoy reading, discussions, and writing! You are in the right place.

  2. Hello, my name is Sumaiya. I am a freshman here at Queens college. I am interested in becoming an optometrist. As a writer my strengths are sentence structure and vocabulary. I enjoy expressing my ideas. My weakness is that I am unable to analyze issues from other point of views. I have also struggled with grammar. I definitely want to improve the creativity and efficiency of my writing.

  3. Hi Sumedha, welcome to the college experience! I also am into psychology and the various topics and fields it encompasses. It seems to me that in many class discussions regarding writing or literature, psychology tends to play a major role as well. Maybe with this course you’ll get an opportunity to combine these two interests of yours. I hope you succeed here in QC!

  4. Hi Sumedha! Thursday was also my first class in Queens College. Sounds like we can both agree that our first day went pretty well! Our writing skills should definitely improve during this course and will especially help you out with psychology. I agree a good class discussion on a reading assignment would help us better understand the topic.

  5. Hi Sumedha! I’m not a freshman, but thursday was my first day at Queens College as a transfer student. I also had a great day and am very confident in my decision to transfer. I too enjoy a good discussion and hope that we can make some happen in class this semester!

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