Chenell Mason – Introduction

Hi, I’m Chenell and I am a transfer student from Brooklyn, New York. This is my first semester at Queens College. As of now, I plan to major in Computer Science. My end goal is to become a doctor in the computer science field and taking this class is a requirement towards that goal. I am not really fond of writing in general; Writing do not have a lot of clear cut directions. It instead has a lot of personal preferences which, depending on the “person”, can make it more unfavorable than it already is. ¬†With that being said, I’m not sure if I’m a horrible or a good writer. I have to wait and see how this semester goes.

2 thoughts on “Chenell Mason – Introduction”

  1. Hi Chenell, welcome to the class! Your introductory remarks are so interesting… while writing certainly draws on personal experiences and preferences, in this class, we will be working to support our arguments with examples, to try and convince people that our position is correct. At least in my own (very limited!) understanding of computer science, it is similar to writing in that it involves lots of team work (for coding) and demands creative problem solving. Hopefully you can draw on and sharpen those skills in our class. Glad to have you in the course.

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