Ming Chan – Introduction

Hi, I’m MingChan, you can just call me Chan. I’m from China.

Hhhh, I know I’m the last , but not least, right? 🙂

Something I wanna say is I just came to NYC for two months, and, though I took some ESL classes this summer, I think my English is not that good as you guys. Please don’t laugh at me if I make some stupid mistakes in class, hhh ^0^ . Feel free to correct me, I would be very happy if you do that because it means you try to help me to improve my English.

Nice to meet you guys and hope we have a wonderful semester together!

One thought on “Ming Chan – Introduction”

  1. Welcome to the course, Chan! We have many English language learners in the course who are eager to improve their writing. I would encourage you to plan ahead with your essays, and make appointments with the Writing Center (information is in the syllabus). Glad to have you in the class!

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