Richard Wickman – My Introduction

Hello, my name is Richard and I am a freshman here at Queens college. I came to Queens college for the science programs, especially for the major I intended to study, which is Computer science. When writing I have many weaknesses such as repetition and lack of details. All my life I have never been good at writing reports and such. On the other hand, my strength as a writer would be that I can be very imaginative when it comes to writing stories, if given time of course. I hope that I can improve my skills with this course and all the other courses I will be taking throughout my years here at Queens College.

One thought on “Richard Wickman – My Introduction”

  1. Welcome to the class, Richard! In this course, we will talk a lot about writing–whether it’s a report or a piece of fiction–as an act of storytelling. Hopefully you can bring your imagination to the essays you write in the class. Very glad to have you in the course (and not just because I will need your computer science expertise throughout the semester).

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