This happened towards the end of college. I had to submit the thesis research project to the committee of the department of my program in order to obtain approval for my degree. I did not have a teacher to explain me a lesson or clear assignments to complete for the project. I was solely responsible for the topic, research and presentation. I was afraid.
My hands were sweating, more than once, I ended up at the emergency room due to the headaches and high blood pressure because of stress and sleepless nights to finish the project. For the first time on my life, I lost weight without dieting. What is really stressful is to know that the four years in college depend on this research and that I am the only responsible to complete it. My only weapon for the success of this project were all the memories I carried from the classes I took before and the advice of my professors.
That’s when I realized the reason I spent four years in college. That’s when I noticed how capable I was to complete things. That’s when I discovered the power of education and the final product of four long years of effort and sacrifice to obtain a college degree.

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  1. Nice work, Celina. I want to know more about your thesis research project! What was the topic? What kind of research were you doing? What did you learn from the experience? Your excellent use of description in this paragraph really draws the reader into the moment and helps us feel the anxiety of that moment. I hope you draw on these descriptive writing skills in your essays!

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