Extra Credit- Extra Help or Extra Hell?

I’ve had many amazing teachers throughout my 4 years in high school, but one teacher in particular is my favorite, her name is Mrs. Lester. The first day I was in her class, I said to myself “this class is going to be awful.” I had her for geometry in tenth grade. On the first day she showed herself as a teacher who expected perfection out of us. I’ll admit that at first, that annoyed me a lot, and that set us off on the wrong foot. She knew that I disliked her, but she had faith in me because I wasn’t the brightest in geometry. That specific math was a weakness of mine, but she eventually pushed me to do better in her class.

However the reason why I say “eventually” is because it took a lot of persuasion to get me to her extra helps. Mrs. Lester offered a lot of extra help. She even stayed after school till 7 P.M. to help a student. You must be thinking, what kind of teacher does that? But that’s how she is. She pushes you to do your best. I did not give my 100% in her class which really seemed to bother her. She knew I had potential but I wasn’t using it. Eventually she called my parents. She emailed them and told them that if I do not attend her after school extra help then there was no way I’d pass that regents in June, and we both knew that taking the course over in summer school would be the absolute worst.

After my parents talked to my teacher they told me I needed to go. I hated my teacher even more now, that she did that. I liked to go home after school, or sometimes going out with my friends to get food or just to hang out. Though eventually I had to go to extra help. Now imagine going to school for 7 hours, facing annoying people and teachers, and then add another 2 hours of that after school ends. You’re sitting in a class room and doing extra work. Who wants to do that?

Furthermore I’m happy my parents and teacher pushed me to go to extra help. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Especially when my teacher would order pizza sometimes to lighten the mood for all her students who came after school for her extra help. I realized that she truly makes sacrifices for us by staying for us after school, buying food for us, and for pushing us to come to her. During all that time in extra help my teacher and I became closer. We became good friends and didn’t mind extra helps. She would help me and we would have little conversations as well.

Overall I’m thankful I had this teacher. She taught me to work hard and strive to my best. I now know that whenever there is someone offering to help you, you should take that help without hesitation. Along the help and the teachings she also gave me life lessons. She taught me to always put in my 100%. Mrs. Lester always says “A quitter never wins and winner never quits.” I would like to add on that after tenth grade, I had the same situation in eleventh grade for trigonometry because my math teacher was Mrs. Lester, AGAIN!

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  1. I knew this would be a great post from the title, Sumedha. Coincidentally, I also had an amazing teacher named Mrs. Lester who was always finding extracurricular activities for me to participate in. I love the details in this post–7 pm, 7 hours of school with 2 extra, the pizza–and the rhetorical question you ask the reader: “who wants to do that?” I hope you draw on these descriptive writing skills in your essays. (By the way, if you are still in contact with Mrs. Lester or can find her email address, I guarantee you she would love to read this post.)

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