It Was Reagan!

In the article, “From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education” we read about the trouble of public higher education. In 1966 governor of the time, Ronald Reagan, set off a problem which lasts till today in 2016. As stated in the article, “He vowed to “clean up that mess in Berkley.” Although wasn’t he the one to create that mess? The mess he was addressing to was of students protesting better education systems which Reagan had failed to pay/give attention to. Reagan says “…railed against spoiled children of privilege skipping their classes to go to protests.” But what can students do besides protest against high tuition rates?

There are so many people who would love to go to college and get an education, but they simply can’t afford it. How did we go from a world where college education would be free to a world where students come out of college sinking in debt? According to Aaron Bady and Mike Konczal Reagan, “…cut state funding for higher education, laid the foundations for a shift to a tuition-based funding model…” He did so because in his mind he thought that giving education to the state’s youth was a privilege for students, not a duty! But something very important to remember is that the growing workforce is always going to require a high education. Most people are not attending college because the government itself has limited the amount of education the public can receive. They have done this by treating colleges as a business place, instead of a place to learn.

Additionally colleges fail to meet the demand of people. Bady and Konczal state “…high quality private universities increased the amount of students they were willing to educate-if, in other words, the supply of good education were “elastic”, stretching to meet the demand of additional students.” This is true because students are finding themselves facing limited options. The only options they really have are to go to college and be in debt by taking out student loans, or they can choose to not go to college. But if students don’t attend college and get educated, then how will the future of the country prosper?

The actual problem is the inaction of the government. The demand for higher education is becoming more and more severe which is why Bady and Konczal have written this article. They introduced how Reagan started this whole issue on public education. The main problem was that he should have given education to people as a duty. He always thought of it as a privilege, but that has to be false since this country is a growing workforce. Although this all took place in California, it is an important part of their history. It initiated the crumbling of education. The issue was started in the 1960s and still continues to affect us in 2016.

Overall even though we are in Queens we should care about California’s higher education system because that problem is spreading all around. The problems with higher education are resulting with students dropping out, stressing out, or not attending college at all. This is a problem that needs to be fixed or else there will be chances of education not being given to people at all, and that will be the people’s choice themselves. There are chances of that happening since education is being given at a limited level.

In your opinion, how can we solve this problem of higher education?

What is the Master Plan? What do you think of it?

Bady, Aaron and Konczal, Mike.”From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education.” DISSENT. N.P., 2012. Accessed 18 September 2016.




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  1. Hi Sumedha.l strongly agree with your opinion,and it’s true tuition is getting higher and higher spreading around the country.Many students can’t afford tuition so they have to drop colleges.Something should be down by the government to improve this situation, or more protests will come, just like what happened in California.Reagan made a huge mistake;higher education is not a privilege.Cooper think education is important as air and water;that is what we want to express,same as those students in California.But they can only find ‘a line of riot cops.’ Moreover,the number of students increases every year;there will be more students can’t pay their college tuition.They might get a job,which they can only earn lowest salary;they can’t also afford their children’s tuition in the future.
    It’s just like a circulation,maybe his/her family can never get rid of it,and so does their descendant.You can’t imagine how cruel it is.
    In order to solve this problem,l think the government should put more funding on education,and colleges should cut down some budgets on unnecessary facilities since students go to colleges to study.

  2. Hi Sumedha. I definitely agree with your explanation of everyone wanting to go to college but some will not because they can’t afford it . After reading “From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education” I think that its never about the student. The government just cares about what is better for them. Property taxes are constantly being raised but it still hasn’t fixed anything.” Reagan argued that if students had to pay tuition they’d value their education too much to protest”. That wasn’t his decision to make. Since the 60’s many things have changed. When a president comes to office they should try to change the old laws that don’t make sense: not promise us the world and do nothing. This was similar to the movie we watched the “Ivory Tower”. When the students protested in Coopers Union. The president of that school was trying to change the whole concept of “Free Tuition” just so it would benefit his salary. He didn’t care about the students or what the school were about or what it stood for. I was so glad that the students protested and after over two month got results. I just hope that tuition cost will stop rising because it is sad to have students drop out of college because they can’t afford it.

  3. In your blog, you stated that “the growing workforce is always going to require a high education.” I strongly believe that this country should start thinking on education not as a privilege, but as an investment for the future. This country needs as many professionals as possible, in all disciplines. In this way, we as a society will be able to grow. To solve this situation I think that instead of cutting education aid, the state should better cut the welfare, housing and food stamp assistance, I think that these set of assistance is cutting the possibility that people contribute to the country, and grow as a professional. As there is many people that don’t even attempt to go to college in order to not lose the state benefit.

  4. The problem with higher education was created not to be solved. That specific problem is apart of a stack of problems that powers this country. If everyone easily got a college education, it will make the country unbalanced; which is something most higher ups do not want. As we can see now, the country is slowly smarting up and “higher ups” are doing everything they can to stop it. The real question that you should of ask is, why did Reagan stop supporting free education? Was it to keep a certain voting group intact? When thinking about answers to these questions, you have to remember that everybody can not be on top.

  5. Very informative article Sumedha! I agree with all your points about tuition and higher education. Everybody should get an equal chance in starting their life. People should not be afraid to pursue their goals because of the fear of debt. Paying for school is a new idea. Reagan started this thinking students would “value their education more”. However, all he did was push them away. Many students don’t know what their future holds. They don’t know whether or not their career would be worth the debt.

  6. Hey Sumedha. You had some really good points about higher education. Higher education isn’t a privilege anymore, it’s a necessity that has great significance in society now. Colleges and Universities have all become a business now. All they care about is the money. The quality of education is decreasing because now all colleges care about is how to lure more students into their college. Instead of putting money towards the students education, they are putting it towards amenities such as hot tubes and swimming pools, so the student chooses their college over another. The quality of education is decreasing, but the price is increasing.

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