Aaron Bady and Mike Konczal’s “From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education” wrote about how Ronald Reagan’s decision in the 1960s severely impacted free higher education. According to Bady and Konczal “He (Reagan) cut state funding for higher education, laid the foundations for a shift to a tuition-based funding model, and called in the National Guard to crush student protest, which it did with unprecedented severity.” This caused severe consequences to the education system of California that is still observed today.

This decision was only the beginning of a mediocre education reform. Bady and Konczal stated that “Thanks to the Reagan revolution, in short, we’ve forgotten that the United States was building public schools and universities for a lot longer than it has been letting them crumble.” And this is the reason why Bady and Konczal wrote about Ronald Reagan in 2012, and we are still talking about him to this day.

It’s hard to believe how such a controversial decision can disrupt an education plan with lasting effects although it is evident that such a decision was the worst ever. Reagan’s revolution was initiated in California and it didn’t take long before spreading throughout the country. Concluding with the end of free higher education and turning Colleges into a business where growth and quality education took a back seat and now the only thing they care about is the profit margins.

Nowadays, there is a massive demand for higher education. Bady and Konczal explained in their article that higher education is some sort of a requirement for middle class life. The problem now is that the state neglected to its responsibility towards public higher education, and as a consequence, educational institutions did not grow enough to meet the high demand of higher education; which conducted many students to pay extraordinary amounts of tuition for poor quality education.

This situation is a vivid example for Queens College to do something soon to prevent the same situation from happening. According to Queens College Mission Statement “As a public institution, Queens College provides affordable access to higher education and embraces its special obligation to serve the larger community.” In relation to this, Queens College should take all required action to prevent the deterioration of education and to improve affordable and quality education according to the current demands. Something that happened over 50 years ago should not continue to impact the future of all students. In conclusion; this is why I believe that Queens College should be more interested in what’s going on with California’s higher education system.

Why do you think the state should support higher education?
Why if Reagan decision was so absurd, the next governments did nothing to revert it?

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  1. I was surprised when I first heard that American education was free in the history for a long time, because we all know that the education is not free today; we can even say it is expansive, especially likes the tuition in some colleges. Because of Ronald Reagan’s decision in the 1960s, education became something that not for everyone. From Bady and Konczal’s article, we know that higher education much more necessary than what we expected, but the true is, not every one can afford it, and the worst thing we see today is some students paid expensive tuition but the educations they got not worth it. I think Queens College is doing well in education, according to Queens College Mission, they “provides affordable access to higher education and embraces its special obligation to serve the larger community”. This movement is so meaningful for those students who were from the some families that not that rich.

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