I had choices in titles to choose from for this particular blog like “How many you trust your professor?” Or Even ” does a C grade really hurts” but I settle for “Untitled”. I’ve read the reading by Coates and I also read the questions for the blog post. I was very close to not doing this blog. This is one of the times when I would not mind receiving a 0 grade towards an assignment. I would like to know how Coates experience is consider an “idea”?

Coates is a black man. When he was born, just like other black men, he was already judged and put into a small box. Also, just like other black men, he was given two choices, fail or fail as in death. When someone is faced with a reality like that, it is hard for them to care about a history lesson celebrating Christopher Columbus as a great man. Coates talked about being beaten by his father after being robbed and after threaten a teacher. Young black kids have to learn on their own that they have to choose the right battle. They have to be tough here and know when to look weak and joyful. Coates couldn’t walk down the street looking soft or he would be vulnerable to others. Some people on the street and smell weakness from a distance. In school, most teachers do not care about the lives of their students. They just want to do their job and get paid like Beyoncé. As college students, how many times you hear your some of your professor say something along the lines like “I was a college student once, so I understand” and then turn around, jump on you when you forgot something or did not a get textbook on time because you had a hard time getting textbooks for other classes?

There is something that is easily overlooked. In the first pages of the excerpt, you may notice that it says “2015”. Also the author mention Trayvon and Nas as he was writing about his issue. As we all know, the Trayvon he was talking about, was most likely Trayvon Martin. Nas is a multi platinum rapper who have been releasing conscious music about his life since 1994. I wonder if any one can connect the dots.
What dots I am trying to connect in the last paragraph?
Do any of you trust your professors? Or Do you think any of your professors care about you and your future? Why or why not?



Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the World and Me. Spiegel & Grau, 2015. Print.

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  1. It is true that there are many professors that enter to the education field just for monetary benefits, or maybe because it is a requisite to complete they doctoral program; however, there are even more professors that inspire the student, that exercise their profession as a vocation and really care about what the student learns. If we are lucky enough to bump to a professor like that, even only once, the experience and the inspiration will be sufficient to change our mind about the reason why we are in school. What really matters is to have an inspiration of who you want to be in the future, then, every mistrust we have experienced from our relatives goes to the side.

  2. Hi Chenell. Description of the author makes me feel bad. It’s hard to imagine what his life is. It is full of violent “Not being violent enough could cost me my body. Being too violent could cost me my body.We could not get out.” He had to count what he did, how many times he smiled carefully, and he cares about how other people treat him.
    He can’t escape from the streets, and school can’t help him, too.
    He didn’t know why he was there, a place full of bravado. And the problem of racism still exists. A lot of questions sprung up in his mind and he can’t tell why. He must been upset.
    But l agree with him that everyone is equal;it’s without doubt. l think it’s very important for all of us to recognize this point :Even the environment makes you suffer, don’t give up and struggle for yourself.

  3. Yeah it felt really bad when I read the article, because school should be a place that with no racism exists there. There is no doubt that, “all men are created equal”. Black people should not suffer this situation, it’s 21st Century now. Also, you was talking about most teachers do not care about the lives of their students. From my opinion, there are some very good teachers really care about their students, just like our professor, she replies me very faster when I send her email every time, it shows she care about us; every time students need her, she is there. That’s enough for us.

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