Extra Credit 10/20-Mission Statement

The mission of CUNY schools is to provide great education to the upcoming students entering the CUNY schools. We want to prepare all students with a good education so they can fully succeed in the future. We want to provide an education that will stay with students throughout their life time. We have a diverse student body and we are always looking to expand that. Our definite goal is to provide all the facilities to a student in order for their guaranteed success. We promise to give a rigorous yet good education.

Our first step to ensuring a great education is through lowering costs for students. Keeping in mind that colleges can be difficult to afford; we are sure to prioritize that situation. We keep our costs low and try to aid students for college as much as we can! CUNY schools should be known for their low tuition because we take this problem of high tuition into account. Hopefully by ensuring students a high education and low tuition we can get as many students as possible!

One thought on “Extra Credit 10/20-Mission Statement”

  1. Nice job, Sumedha! I like how the enthusiasm builds throughout the post, up to the two exclamatory statements towards the end. But now I want to know: *how* are you going to keep costs low? Cut teachers’ salaries (please no), stop repairing the buildings (also, please no), court wealthy private investors, raise taxes? This one is a cliff hanger!

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