Extra Credit

If I were to design the next CUNY School, I would try to get funding from other sources. Every student would not have to pay tuition. It would be similar to Coopers Union. SAT scores would not be a factor in getting accepted. It would be a first come first serve acceptance. The first 1500 applications would be accepted. Once accepted in the school the students would take an assessment test to figure out in what class they would go: only because it would be easier to pair them with other classmates in the same range. That would give them a better learning experience. The campus would have elite standards.

My main focus at the college would be getting the students on the right track with support and knowledge. Giving them every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Teachers would be there to guide them in anyway possible. I would help get the students internships in various companies to get a feel of the work place.This will give them a better understanding of their career path. Every student will get hired after graduation.

One thought on “Extra Credit”

  1. This is really interesting, Fina. I am especially struck by your suggestion that the first 1500 applicants would be accepted to this very competitive school! It seems like it would put some (say, those working when the application period opens) at a disadvantage, though who is to say it would be any more of a disadvantage than our current system?! It sounds like your school is organized around ability, so that your classmates would be at the same level as you in each subject. I like that idea (we have some version of it now) though I wonder if there isn’t something productive about being thrown in a class of strangers with all different skills, abilities, and learning levels, and trying to figure out how we can all best help each other.

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