Mission Statement Extra Credit

The mission of our new CUNY School is to establish a learning environment in which our students are on the right track. We want to make sure all of our students are not lost in their journey throughout college. We created a system for which students can learn what they are proficient in by taking series of classes. We will primarily focus on the students who are unaware of what their goal of college is. Our top of the line advisors will help the students ultimately decide their future.

Our second main priority is focusing on the students that already know what they want to achieve from college. These students will be put on the perfect track to get them where they want to be. We want to make sure that every student leaves this school set and ready for the real world. Ensuring student satisfaction at a low tuition is what we believe the purpose of college is!

One thought on “Mission Statement Extra Credit”

  1. Nice job, Allen. I’m curious, what does the “right track” look like? How does one know if they are on it? In addition to testing for what students are proficient in, how will you help guide them towards a fulfilling and rewarding career? Your emphasis on advisors is super important – one-on-one personalized advising is something that expensive schools have in abundance (someone looking out for you and holding your hand at every turn) when we really need more of that here at Queens College! I’m always so impressed at the life lessons students gain here, even just trying to navigate the bureaucracy of it all.

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