Teachers And Students Need To Break Routine Of Classroom

In Teaching to Transgress, Bell Hooks describes her own pedagogical practices, which consists of anticolonial, critical, and feminist pedagogies.She also expresses one point that “To educate as the practice of freedom is way of teaching that anyone can learn”(13)

I think that education as “the practice of freedom” means teachers and students need to break routine of classroom. This routine consists of dictatorship of teachers and students who just follow what their teachers said and memorize them. This routine is also called “banking” system education, according to Paulo Freire, a Brazilian thinker who is also one guidance toBell Hooks. l can’t agree more that students can’t just receive and imitate what they are told. Maybe they are numb to “banking” system model throughout their learning lives so they will not make any change even they are getting higher education.

To avoid becoming learning machines,students need to be brave enough to break boundaries on them,so do teachers. Failure is not fearful but not trying to chanllenge “banking” system model.

In my physics classes, my physical professor always lead students to think and solve problems. He uses many gestures, experiments, and jokes to make students interest in learning. He also does not require students to memorize those physical formulas and units, because in his opinion,students will not solve problems if they don’t know solution even if they are given formulas and units. His purpose is that students in his class can learn how to think and solve problems, which students will get benifition from it from now to rest of their lives. Thus, students are more eager to ask since he encourages students to ask and learn in his class, then he will listen and explain questions carefully. Using clickers to answer questions is also one aspect that enhance interaction between students and him. He values every student’s presence.

I think this is what Bell Hooks want to express in this book. Teachers are willing to share and disscuss with students as well as students are willing to learn and ask. Moreover, they can be each other’s complementation. Students can find some mistakes made by teachers and correct them by telling teachers directly. Teachers can guide students to a more board world.

The part particularly compelling me is that Bell Hooks’ description about her lives in school before she go to high school. “To fulfill that mission, my teachers made sure they ‘knew’us. They knew our parents, our economic status,where we worshipped,what our homes were like,and how we were treated in the family”(3) This surprises me and I think this teaching model is really good. Teachers know and care about students. They know your base and want to help you as long as they can. From my point of view, such teaching models nowadays are very rare and precious. More students will improve their learning if more schools like this appear.


Have you ever met teachers who educate students as the practice of freedom?If so, how?

Do think it’s a good pedagogy for you to learn?

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2 thoughts on “Teachers And Students Need To Break Routine Of Classroom”

  1. I really like the idea of education as “the practice of freedom” I have the conviction that this model of education works perfect for me as a student. I like raising questions in classes, explore new ways to do things and to analyze what is being taught in order to find the logic that better fits my knowledge. All of these things only can be acquired when the teacher involves the student in class and gives the student freedom to ask and suggest. Teachers should be a guider for the students, teachers should present and explain the theories to the students, but students have the entire responsibility to interpret and understand what is being taught.

  2. I am familiar with the “banking” system education because I was from China and I studied in China for like 10 years. Those classes were like, the teachers keep talking in front of the classroom, and all the students sitting in the classroom just keep nodding and taking notes. All students are like “learning machine”. I am agree with this article that something we need to change is that students should be the major characters in class, they should talk and discuss more in order to learn and better understand what they are learning.

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