Do we need technology in class

As we can see, from the first article “it’s about class” by Lee Skallerup Bessette, the biggest issue with new digital divide is that the students from poor regions don’t want to use technology for their study. They can’t afford the data plan, the technology, the required software or internet access. It’s truth that these stuffs are expensive for many families. Other reason is that students are discouraged from using technology at home, and some schools take no count of it because technology is just a tool that they use to impose the banking concept of education on students, “The message from the university is clear, tech doesn’t or shouldn’t matter”. The author tried hard to get students use the technology for their class, but finally she realize that, “One of the reasons they disdain the technology is because many of them don’t see how it will help them get a job in their low-tech worlds”. Students don’t understand the advantage of using technology for learning.

In another article “Why Start With Pedagogy? 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions” by Cathy N. Davidson, as she mentioned, education is free and controllable, teachers can change how to teach and how their students going to learn withing their control and make a difference in their students. She showed 4 ways that teachers can make a simply change in class and “You can use as much or as little technology as you want”. For example, if you let everybody put their hand up when you are asking a question, it will helps them be more concentrate on class cause they know they cannot hide behind their shame. Also, things like question stacking and the exit ticket are useful for learning. They can turn the any class into a student-centered, engaged class.

From my opinion, I prefer the 4 ways for leaning from Davidson. The purpose of education is to help students to be successful, “rather than despair about the things too big to change”, maybe without using technology, just change from the little things that you can change, then these little things can bring a big different.


  1. Do you think technology is really necessary in class today?
  2. Do you think the ways as Davidson mentioned in her article, like, “everyone raise your hand”, “question stacking” “the exit ticket” are useful for you?


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5 thoughts on “Do we need technology in class”

  1. I think technology is very important in today’s educational system. It solves many problems like low funded schools having to teach from outdated materials. Just by having something like a chromebook, open the doors to universal learning (access to the internet is having access to the ultimate textbook). On the other hand, technology does affect college education. Why pay for the same education that you can learn online for free?

  2. Great blog Ming! I agree that different regions get different opportunities in education. The growing trend right now is using technology to help us study and educate ourselves. However, their are many parts of the country where people and schools just simply can’t afford such privileges. To answer your first question, I don’t believe that technology is necessary in the classroom environment because students have worked without it perfectly fine for generations. I see technology as a privilege not a necessity. It just makes learning easier and more convenient. Things like “raising your hand” and “question stacking” have been techniques that I have used all my life in school and have been very useful to me when learning new topics.

  3. Great Blog!
    For sure we need technology in class. We use technology every day for everything, this is the world we live in. Nowadays, a person with technology skills is better qualifies for a job than a person that does not have knowledge of technology. If it is so important, the best is to promote the use of technology in education.

  4. I think that technology should have a specific, minimal place in today’s classroom. Everybody is so involved with their own individual technology that it can be distracting and counter-productive to try and focus on a screen in class. Everybody spends so much leisure time with a screen of some sort, so similar reactions of low-focus and relaxation must occur at least slightly when looking at a screen in class. All of the methods that Davidson mentioned are helpful for the classroom and keeping students attentive, especially “Everyone Raise your Hand.” Instead of letting people that do not know the answer shrink deeper into their seat, keep them attentive and involved in the lesson, hold them accountable for finding the answer to what they do not know.

  5. Technology does have an important place in our society today, especially with all these advancements in education. However, Technology can be abused by the learner, so we have to restrict it to some degree, and we should try to keep these electronics to a moderate use in the classroom. Using these tools in the classroom can help us see what we could only see then only by taking a trip, but now we can sit in the comfort of our classrooms. As good as this can be, we do lose that sense of exploration outside the classroom.

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