Extra Credit

This learning method course will be a placement for freshman.  In this course the school will be evaluating a student’s ability to learn through various types of learning methods.  These methods will involve technological and old fashioned aspects.   This will allow students to improve or overcome their inability to do something.  Learning methods will include educational online games, presentations, group work, independent writing, exit tickets, think-pair-share, educational games, acting out readings, audio readings, and lectures.  This class will also examine different testing methods.  Testing methods will include multiple choice, short response, verbal quizzes, listening quizzes, and online exams.  

This course is important because it will determine a student’s learning ability and strengths in each method.  This will be a placement as to which classes a student will be taking in their future years at college. Every student learns differently.  Using visuals, audio, verbal, social, and logical approaches can aid a student towards their strengths and weaknesses.  This is what most students struggle in and find out too late.  This class will only focus on methods so that students don’t struggle later on.   Each student should realize their ability and focus on improving other methods.  

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