Blog Prompt 12/6

After spending the past three months reading and writing about effective teaching and learning methods, now it is your turn to put what you have learned into practice. Below are the learning objectives for our course. In your blog post design an assignment that will help students to achieve one (or several) of these. Your post should include both the assignment itself and a reflection on the pedagogy (your reasoning) behind it. If you are stuck, use the assignments from this class and other classes for guidance.

Some things to consider:

  • What readings, newspaper articles, video screenings, podcasts, etc. will you assign to help students complete the assignment?
  • How long will students have to complete the assignment?
  • Will students work on this during class, at home, or both?
  • Will students be working individually or in groups?
  • Will students have different options for how to complete the assignment?
  • What will you as an instructor do to help ensure that students succeed on this assignment?
  • How will this assignment be evaluated?

Learning goals
In this course, you will learn

  • To practice writing as a process of thinking, rethinking, editing, and revising
  • To read critically and creatively and draw connections among a wide variety of texts
  • To make persuasive arguments that are organized and supported by sufficient evidence
  • To develop revision skills in looking at one’s own writing and that of peers and professionals
  • To communicate with different audiences and in different contexts, with an emphasis on digital and public publishing
  • To collaborate effectively, for the maximum benefit of everyone in the group

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