EC Does It

My dear class,

How goes the end of your semester? I hope that it goes well and that you are staying warm now that it’s getting cold out again. I write to you in need of a favor. I was wondering if you could award me a with little bit of extra credit. I searched through every link on our blog, checked our syllabus, reread every text from the semester, but cannot seem to find any. I even asked my mom to help me look around the house for some and, for the first time ever, she cannot find it either! Finally, after asking Professor Savonick, she informed me that if I composed this formal email addressed to you all, my beloved classmates, that I might be able to achieve the little bit of extra credit that I need to pass this class. I rest my case, I am forever indebted to all of you for your time, regardless of whether you grant my wish or not. If I have learned one thing about the purpose of education this semester, it is that a student must be ready to give and receive help when it is necessary. My best wishes go out to you and your families at the beginning of this break from school.

Yours truly,


One thought on “EC Does It”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your warm and thoughtful email. I enjoyed reading through your request which was straightforward and direct, yet at the same time easy and fun to read. You state what is needed clearly all the while keeping me interested in what you have to say and why this is so important to you.
    You clearly recognize that an important facet if education is reaching out to others when necessary and you don’t seem afraid to do so when the time is right. Most certainly, included in the purpose of education is this idea that we all should learn to rely on and share with each other in hope of accomplishing our goals. I would definitely vote for you, as it appears to me that you deserve this extra credit even though you write that you have been taking it EC and you hope that the extra credit will boost your performance. I hope it does to. Good luck Gavriel!


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