English 110: My Extra Credit Appeal.

Dear all,

I am grateful for the opportunity to have you all decide on this assignment. Over the course of the semester my grades have faltered; however, I have used all of my free time rewriting essays for this class. I spent countless hours in the writing lab, for help with my writing, only to make new mistakes on the next attempt. And I am a little lazy and forgetful, but I have not given up since the start of the semester. We have less than a week before this class ends which means that I still have time for some corrective measures. I hope that you consider me in your final decision.

Yours humbly,

5 thoughts on “English 110: My Extra Credit Appeal.”

  1. Hi, I don’t know who this is, but want you to know that I think you should get the extra credit because your writing is great . You were right to the point. After reading all of the emails, It was your email that stood out to me and I remembered. I thought it was flawless. I understand how hard it is to finish all your assignments in time, but I think you should start planning ahead. It really works. Things that are done last minute always seem to get rushed and maybe you wont be able to show your wonderful work. Try not to be lazy and forgetful because at school you can get away with doing everything last minutes but when you get a job your boss will fire you. The employers do not like this.You can be the best at what you do but lateness is not accepted. I hope you get the extra-credit you deserve it, but if you don’t maybe it with make you understand what you need to do from now on.

  2. My vote is with this appeal. It was straight forward. This email describes that you are working hard by spending time rewriting essays. It shows that you care about your work by saying your work won’t be perfect, but you’ll only make new mistakes. You also address that you are responsible by saying that you are lazy and forgetful. This shows you realized your mistakes and know that you need to improve. Keep up the hard work!

  3. Hello, I do not know who wrote this, but I feel that you deserve the extra credit because of how honest and straight to the point you were. It is clearly well thought out, took some time, and I enjoy how you said “Yours humbly”, I’ve never seen anyone use that in an email before. You describe the efforts who have made and are continuing to make in order to better your grade. You did not beg for anyone’s vote, you simply stated that you are grateful for this opportunity and hope we consider you. Overall, I found this email to be very persuasive and appealing, I feel that you deserve the extra credit. Congrats on earning some votes!

  4. I am inclined to say that you deserve this extra credit. Unlike many others; you have made efforts to improve and complete the assignments. Writing is definitely not an easy thing to do and I sympathize with your struggles. Best of luck!

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