environmental science assignment

Hi guys, here is your newest assignment.

We all know that environmental science is related to everyone. Human’s activities bring up so many problems like the water pollution, and the soil contaminants to the natural environment. And all of them cause the environment issues like the global warming, the greenhouse gas and so on.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become better able to understand the environmental science and better the earth’s environment. So in this assignment, I want you guys to do some researches about the issues below, write down your thinking and analyzes. And at the end of this class, we will have a debate based the reports you did before, the question you will address is: “should nuclear energy be promoted on a fast-track in order to reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere?”

  • Do some researches by yourself at home.

In this section, you will individually analyze your consumption and life activity patterns to calculate your ecological footprint using an internet-based ecological footprint calculator.

Go to http://www.earthday.org/take-action/footprint-calculator/ to get your ecological footprint and get your individual carbon footprint (to answer all questions on the website might spent you hale an hour).

  • Discuss with your classmates during class

Share your individual carbon footprints with your classmate and see what they got. Think about what did you learn about your ecological footprint and that of the average American? What about the average your group members? What can you do to reduce your ecological and carbon footprint?

Write a brief conclusion about them.

  • Watch a debate video on TED


We have known for decades that increasing atmospheric CO2 can to lead to global warming, but we have not reduces the rate of growth in CO2 emissions. In fact, CO2 emissions have increased year-by-year. Scientists are looking for some better resources that can replace the fossil fuel, and nuclear energy is one of their choices.

After this part, write down what was your opinion before you watched this video? What is your current opinion?

  • I want you guys have a debate at the end of this class, and you should

develop your own points of view and participate in the debate. Remember the topic is, “should nuclear energy be promoted on a fast-track in order to reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere?”

The debate is going on revolves around two issues. First, nuclear power releases very little CO2 and could be used to replace much of our fossil fuel use. The second issue is that nuclear power holds real dangers.

(Notes, there are some other points to bring into the debate, but overall, society needs to evaluate the relative dangers, the risk, of these two issues. And you might find out some reading materials related to this topic on e-Reserve in the QC library. You are encouraged to do additional research on this section.)

As a conclusion, summarize this whole assignment by giving your own opinion. What fact or information did you find most important in developing your opinion? Which sources of information were most influential to you?


Do we need technology in class

As we can see, from the first article “it’s about class” by Lee Skallerup Bessette, the biggest issue with new digital divide is that the students from poor regions don’t want to use technology for their study. They can’t afford the data plan, the technology, the required software or internet access. It’s truth that these stuffs are expensive for many families. Other reason is that students are discouraged from using technology at home, and some schools take no count of it because technology is just a tool that they use to impose the banking concept of education on students, “The message from the university is clear, tech doesn’t or shouldn’t matter”. The author tried hard to get students use the technology for their class, but finally she realize that, “One of the reasons they disdain the technology is because many of them don’t see how it will help them get a job in their low-tech worlds”. Students don’t understand the advantage of using technology for learning.

In another article “Why Start With Pedagogy? 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions” by Cathy N. Davidson, as she mentioned, education is free and controllable, teachers can change how to teach and how their students going to learn withing their control and make a difference in their students. She showed 4 ways that teachers can make a simply change in class and “You can use as much or as little technology as you want”. For example, if you let everybody put their hand up when you are asking a question, it will helps them be more concentrate on class cause they know they cannot hide behind their shame. Also, things like question stacking and the exit ticket are useful for learning. They can turn the any class into a student-centered, engaged class.

From my opinion, I prefer the 4 ways for leaning from Davidson. The purpose of education is to help students to be successful, “rather than despair about the things too big to change”, maybe without using technology, just change from the little things that you can change, then these little things can bring a big different.


  1. Do you think technology is really necessary in class today?
  2. Do you think the ways as Davidson mentioned in her article, like, “everyone raise your hand”, “question stacking” “the exit ticket” are useful for you?


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Extra credit

If I can design the new CUNY school, I will make sure the school focus more on and training students new skills they really need. If they don’t know what they want to do in the future, it’s ok. We will give them the first year to take some courses we prepared for them to let them find what they are interested in. We encourage students to communicate with their teachers in class, students’ thoughts should be a important part for class. Also, the tuition for our new school is going to be as low as it can, we will not waste our money on entertainment stuffs.

The new school might locate in a very natural environment, maybe near a lake or a mountain, the air are clean and fresh there, and there is a big playground that students can ran when they feel tired on studying. I want all students feel relax when they come to school and they will love this new campus and love our courses.

Ming Chan – Introduction

Hi, I’m MingChan, you can just call me Chan. I’m from China.

Hhhh, I know I’m the last , but not least, right? 🙂

Something I wanna say is I just came to NYC for two months, and, though I took some ESL classes this summer, I think my English is not that good as you guys. Please don’t laugh at me if I make some stupid mistakes in class, hhh ^0^ . Feel free to correct me, I would be very happy if you do that because it means you try to help me to improve my English.

Nice to meet you guys and hope we have a wonderful semester together!