Great Workshops happening in February!

Library Workshops
February 2015

First AnnouncementFebruary 3rd, 1-2pm &
February 11th, 4:15-5:15pm
Introduction to Library Resources          
Room C196.05
Overview of the Graduate Center Library will introduce: the library website, subject specific databases, resources beyond the GC library, sample search queries, citation management instruction overview, and archival and primary source subject-specific searching. Includes a tour.

english deptFeb, 6, 4 pm
Teaching CUNY at CUNY
English Department Friday Forum

This event seeks to continue ongoing conversations about the intersections of pedagogy, poetics, and activism at CUNY. In particular, this panel will map relationships between CUNY’s past and its present in the context of Graduate Center students’ research and teaching, especially at CUNY colleges. How can we think alongside our students about the kinds of spaces for learning and writing that have been created – and challenged – by administrators, activist students, and faculty? What does teaching the work of writer-educators present at CUNY during key moments of change – like June Jordan, Audre Lorde, and Adrienne Rich – open for conversation? Along with related efforts underway at the Graduate Center, this event is motivated by a desire to gather resources and strategies to build on CUNY’s legacy of anti-oppressive education, even as it has been and continues to be threatened. Participants include: Talia Shalev (The Graduate Center, CUNY) Erica Kaufman (The Graduate Center, CUNY & Bard College) Stephen Brier (The Graduate Center, CUNY) Rebecca Mlynarczyk (The Graduate Center & Kingsborough Community College, CUNY)   David Henderson Ammiel Alcalay (The Graduate Center & Queens College, CUNY)
2ndFebruary 11th, 3-5pm
Intro to Grants Resources and Grant Writing    Room 5200

A hands-on demonstration about accessing grant resources from Grants Liaison librarian, Shawn(ta) Smith and learn about best practices in grant-writing from Executive Director of Research & Sponsored Programs, Edith Gonzalez. Coordinated by Grid Rroji, a third-year PhD student in Political Science and acting Executive Officer, Prof. Alyson Cole. Open to all Graduate Center students. Refreshments Provided.
3rdFebruary 17th, 2-3:30pm & February 18th, 6:30-8pm
Introduction to Zotero for Citation Management
Room C196.05
Join us for a hands-on introduction to managing citations with Zotero, a free and open source research tool that makes organizing your research and creating bibliographies a breeze. Have a laptop? Bring it with you so our instructors can help you get started on your own devices.
4thFebruary 19th, 12-2pm
Queering the Map (w/Jen Jack Gieseking)
Room 9204
Theoretical Reflections on Spatial Methods for Action Research

In this talk on “Queering the Map,” Jack Gieseking investigates what can be gained for the study of queer lives and spaces by bringing together the isolated but overlapping stories of lesbians and queer women in maps, from the hand-drawn to the most technologically advanced and interactive.
5thFebruary 24th, 6:30-8pm
Digital Tools for Managing Your Research   Library Concourse Level
Is your virtual desktop in need of some spring cleaning? Join us for a hands-on introduction to Digital Tools for Managing Your Research and take control of your workspace.This workshop will provide an overview of (mostly) free and open source software that can help you streamline your research workflows and make sure you can find what you need when you need it. We’ll introduce tools like Evernote, Google Drive, Zotero, and in-browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox as we review best practices for organizing and tagging your information.
6thFebruary 25th, 6:30-7:30pm
Introduction to SPSS
Library Concourse Level
This class will give a general overview of the SPSS statistical package: What is it? What can it do? What do you need to know to get started?
7thFebruary 26th, 3:30-5:30pm
Elizabeth Losh: The MOOC Moment
Room 9206
This talk argues that MOOCs themselves might have been remarkably uniform as vehicles for content delivery, but they spurred a valuable diversity of pedagogical reactions among faculty to their particular format for free large-scale distance learning.



And MORE…..

  • April 17: Feminist Pedagogy Conference
  • April 20: Brewster Kahle, Internet Archives; 1-3pm Skylight Room
  • May 1: Purposeful Pedagogy Conference
  • [Dates TBD]: The Futures Initiative will co-sponsor other talks, workshops, and open sessions throughout the semester. You are welcome and encouraged to join us for as many as you’d like.


What is an Embedded Librarian?

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DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology

Vol 34, No 6 (2014)

Embedded Librarianship: Changing Role of Librarian in Digital Age