AMAZING conference panel and Rich discussion


I am SO jazzed about today’s conference panel. Each of you did a fabulous job describing your work, and each of you raised a thought or introduced a question or made an observation that makes me really excited to read your papers and learn more! Special thanks to Cem and Luvenia for rejiggering so gracefully and in such a short amount of time! Islam also took some notes on interesting things you all said, which will be really neat to have.

You all also had wonderful takes on Rich and feminism. I do a lot of work on feminist literature and culture, and I have to tell you: I know some very advanced graduate students who have trouble speaking with the power and nuance that some of you expressed, and who don’t show half the interest in learning more. I’m inspired.

This is that article about immigration that I mentioned at the end. Also, please watch the Adichie TED talk on feminism! It’s optional for Tuesday, but so important and powerful and lyrical – if you have a spare half hour, check it out.

Take care,
Prof. A.

Bechdel/Alexie due date: May 14

Hi all,

In lieu of the second response paper I usually assign, you must complete your Bechdel/Alexie collaborative work by May 14 (the last day of class). Please be prepared to come in and present your work to the class. Remember that, as I’ve been saying, the project doesn’t have to be finished to its fullest potential – so, for example, the mockumentary group doesn’t have to make an actual film. I just want to see where the project might go.

Some questions to ask yourselves as you collaborate with your group members:

What form (physical/digital) and what media does our project require? How do we want to present it?

How might we show its potential?

How can we provide context for the work it comes from? (This is a version of the comment I give on papers – pull yourself out of the space of being an expert on a text and imagine what it’s like to not have read it.)

Please add additional questions to ponder!

America’s Most Challenging High Schools

Hi all,

Luvenia found a really interesting study in the Washington Post this morning that some of us were discussing before class. She immediately pointed to some flaws in the methodology. Take a look and see what you think could be done differently to make it less questionable. What are the problems? What might be some solutions?

Prof. A.

How to Cite Podcasts

Chava just asked a great question in our writing workshop: can you use the This American Life podcast for your research paper? The answer is yes!

How do you cite it? Look here (also included on the Research Paper Resources page).

Thursday 4/16: Drafts on GDocs

Thanks to Chava for this great reminder: you don’t need to print your research paper drafts, as we will work with them on Google Docs. Please put them in the corresponding folder there.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Prof. A

Blog Post Timeliness: Some (of Your) Ideas

Hi all,

You all came up with some great ideas for how to get your blog posts up on time. Most of you also took really honest responsibility for yourselves and your choices. I appreciate it, and I know you’ll do better the rest of the semester. (And for this week, the blog being down is not an acceptable excuse – it was up all spring break, and we have dispensed with the buggy version, anyway.)

In no particular order, and not verbatim, here are some of your suggestions:

– Set a reminder
– Start earlier (Thursday or Friday)
– Parcel out the reading over the week
– Make a place to put your reading

Feel free to add more as they occur to you!

Prof. A.